FINAL EP COVER Automata The Rotary Fifth

The Rotary Fifth

Both Mark and I came up with a couple of band names. The first one being The Delta Function which lasted a month until we felt it wasn't the right fit. What I liked about it was that it seemed to appeal to the mathematical aspect of Mark's music. The kaleidoscopic and geometric patterns which instantly come to mind when listening to his compositions being the inspiration. Not being much of a mathematical genius (having to take GCSE Maths twice) I realised that the Delta Function resets everything to zero which was kind of appealing in a way I couldn't explain. Then Mark mentioned a book called The Harmonograph - A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music. Mark very kindly sent me one in the post. It's a small but very intricate book that beautifully explores the visual mapping of harmony and the intervals in scales using a Victorian 'Harmonograph' written by Anthony Ashton.  Mark highlighted the chapter called The Rotary Fifth - Encircled hearts and fives. It immediately became impossible to imagine us being called anything different and so from then it was set in stone.

Mark Kyriacou is a producer/composer who founded the band Loka who had 2 album releases on Ninja Tune (Fire Shepards & Passing Place) and did a session on BBC 1 for Gilles Peterson as well as performing live at his Cargo event. 

A beloved friend, Claire Doherty, originally introduced Eamon to Mark in the 90's and many years later in 2016 introduced Michelle to Mark hence our obsession with triangles. 

Michelle Bee is a singer who has worked with Andy Meecham, Bill Brewster, Huxley, Justin Strauss, Daniel Solar, Rampi and Toby Tobias.

Words by Michelle.



A rarely heard word used in comparisons to refer to a person who seems to act in a mechanical or unemotional way

There seems to be an ever-expanding rise of human beings who seem incapable of feeling empathy who are completely unaware of their impact on others both politically as well as personally. Michelle uses music as an outlet as well as a tool for gaining perspective on this modern phenomenon. Making music is as much a form of therapy as it is a creative process. When Mark sent Michelle the music for what then became the track 'Take Your Aim' Michelle sat with the music for a long time, driving up to the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales and parking the car in the Ponderosa car park, listening to the music on numerous occasions and in all weathers. Walking up to Dinas Bran as well as the Panorama overlooking Llangollen, has been an incredible influence as well as a source of comfort and inspiration. Take Your Aim captures the healing power of the Welsh landscape and the beauty and peace felt within, as well as exorcising the ghosts of the past. 

The track Whether the Weather is an ode to depression. It also serves as a reminder that depression is transient. When stuck in the treacle-like tendrils of a heavy episode it can feel that life has always been and will always be this way.  It can often be forgotten that depression can and will be alleviated with time and by framing it as a 'storm' of sorts, it is easier to see it as just a spell of bad weather which will hopefully dissipate as quickly as it arrived. As facile and basic as that analogy is, it is an effective one. Melancholy can also be gently beautiful and transformative. So its also a celebration of the fact that though we can experience difficult periods of intense sadness, the feelings before and after the darkest clouds have passed are some of the most meaningful and life-affirming. Out of the darkness comes light.

Remembering that not everything is black or shades of grey, the third track Sun Salutations represents coming out through the other side and realising that the majority of people you choose to surround yourself with are rather wonderful and inherently kind.

Finally, DDFD is a playful and energetic instrumental romp through Mark's subconscious which is a wonderfully complex and enjoyable place to visit. 

The EP 'Automata' will be released on their own label 'Delta Function Records' on 20 February 2020.