The Rotary Fifth evolved following an introduction through an old friend between Mark Kyriacou (Loka) (Producer/Musician) and Michelle Bee (Singer/Songwriter). Realising an instant musical connection, they started to share ideas back and forth.

The music currently available to preview is their forthcoming EP Automata - a rich and expansive debut that explores human reactions to the inhumane, the processing of pain, musings on love, warmth and connection.

This is experimental pop which fizzles, reverberates and surprises.  The Rotary Fifth happily marry elements of jazz, psychedelia and pop into a kaleidoscopic visual dream world full of vibrant colour and emotional honesty.

Drawing on diverse influences such as Can, Leonard Cohen, Stereolab, Serge Gainsbourg, Broadcast, Massive Attack, Talking Heads, Brian Wilson, Mad Curry, Alice Coltrane and Herbie Hancock, The Rotary Fifth carve out a space all of their own. 

The project also includes drums/percussion from Loka’s original drummer and co-founder Eamon Ellams, Loka’s Tom Sumnall on bass and guitar duties are provided by Jonathan Copley. Their debut EP 'Automata' is in the process of being completed with the mastering genius of PK Chown. Release is set for 20 February 2020.  Delta Function Records. 



00 44 7956 181937

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Mark Kyriacou


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Michelle Bee



Tom Sumnall


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Eamon Ellams



Jonathan Copley





Take Your Aim

Take your aim, play the game, what's the same, in your name 
Falling backwards
Nowhere to go 
He did 
She did 
They go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and

Whether the Weather

Watching the words that came out of my mouth like a storm 
These are the things that I fix in stained glass to conform 
Cycles that spin and repeat
in spirograph form
Patterns remind me of echoes in
sand I have drawn 
I wonder whether the weather will change and brightness will come 
I wonder whether the weather will change the cycle will go

Sun Salutations

Chasing mice, racing fingers 

Don't think twice, coz everything lingers 

This red sky will burn our eyes out 

So open now to see the true light 

Everyone is the sun is the sun is the sun is the sun 

Everyone is the sun is the sun is the sun, everyone is the sun 

Towers of truth, crumble to dust 

White heat burns, hot metal to rust 

An open heart will bleed itself out 

So close it now to feel the real love

Everyone is the sun.........